Who's ready for some Mexican food?!

Without Listener Lunch, the month of December has been a little bit sad for us. We are VERY excited for the month of January, where our Tuesdays will be full of free food again! And you should be excited, too, because we want to bring you with us!

Our very fist Listener Lunch of 2018 will be at a restaurant that both Brain and I have been to before, but never for Listener Lunch. Say hello to El Paraiso!

El Paraiso is located at 4199 Williams Blvd SW in Cedar Rapids, and they're known for their awesome margaritas. Unfortunately, we aren't able to pay for your margs if you win lunch with us, but if you REALLY want one, I hear they're pretty cheap!

We will be at El Paraiso every Tuesday in January of 2018, beginning on the 2nd, so if you and six of your coworkers would like to join us, be sure to get entered ASAP! Click HERE to get signed up!

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