Ever since the movie 'It' hit theaters earlier this year, my 7-year-old daughter Cayleigh has been begging to see the film. My wife went and saw in in the theater and confirmed why it was rated R. Violence and plenty of adult language. Holly rented it this weekend for us to watch at home, and once again the kids begged to watch it. So, doing something that my parents would have NEVER done, I let them watch.

Yes, I realize that this qualifies me for the 'Bad Parent of the Year' award. But I gave them some conditions. They could stay and watch as long as they felt comfortable. But if they got up to leave, they were done. No coming back in. Also, no nervous commentary! So with the rules established, we hit play on 'It'.

Now I'm no fan of horror movies either so I was apprehensive about watching it. Yes, there were scary parts that made me flinch, but the kids handled it fine. I was the only person to actually scream during a scene. Carly hid behind a pillow several times but we all made it through until the end. I asked Cayleigh how she liked it. She said, "it wasn't that scary."  Two night later, still no nightmares.

If you think I'm a bad parent for letting my kids watch such a movie, I admit, that's fair. But not every home is the same. Not every child is wired the same. I'm not letting my kids watch any scary movie they want. But they really wanted to see this one. If being a  bad parent is sometimes giving in to make your kids happy, then I guess I'm guilty.

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