When I originally watched the trailer for the Netflix show 'Mindhunter', I wasn't sure what to make of it. Sure, one of my favorite directors, David Fincher, was directing and producing. But could a crime procedural about serial killers really keep my attention over the course of 10 episodes? The answer is 'yes'.

Fincher is famous for movies like 'Seven' and 'Zodiac'. Films about serial killers and their motives. So 'Mindhunter' was certainly no stretch on content. The show follows two FBI employees, Holden Ford and Bill Tench, and show them interviewing the nastiest criminals in prison during the late 1970's. Their mission? Find out what makes serial killers tick, and maybe, in the future be able to predict their behavior and prevent their murderous crime sprees.

The feel of the show is classic Fincher. Dark, grey, foreboding. I mean, we're dealing with serial killers here. It shouldn't be bright and cheery. The dynamic between the young FBI agent Holden and his older partner Tench makes the show. Holden is young and will stop at nothing to further his career. Tench is married and measures his risks carefully. It was a dynamic that really paid off. Even though the names of the serial killers profiled in the show are all fictitious, they are still menacing and disturbing. This subject matter is not for the faint of heart.

The series also features a few brief scenes at the beginning of certain episodes of the early life of a real-life serial killer. His story wasn't touched in season one, but you can bet that season 2 of 'Mindhunter' most certainly will.

If you love David Fincher, then 'Mindhunter' is for you. If you love crime drama's then this show should be right up your alley as well. Don't be scared off by the subject matter. While 'Mindhunter' has plenty of dark moments, it's real strength lies in its intelligence gathering and the chilling effects that the process has on two very different FBI agents.


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