In the world of radio, we know a song is a hit the first time we hear it. There is just something about the combination of melody and lyrics that tie everything together. Many would argue there is no bigger 'hit' in America than our National Anthem, The Star-Spangled Banner. Saturday is 'National Anthem Day', a day to honor one of the most important pieces of music in our nation's history.

Frances Scott Key wrote the lyrics to the song on September 14th, 1814 during the Battle of Fort McHenry during the War of 1812. In fact, the song was originally called 'Defence of Fort Henry'. It's hard to believe that the song didn't become our National Anthem for over 100 more years.

It was Iowa native President Herbert Hoover who declared that The Star-Spangled Banner be our National Anthem. On March 3rd, 1931 he signed the official declaration. In honor of the holiday, we traveled over to the Paramount Theater in Cedar Rapids. Courtlin took to the stage and delivered an outstanding rendition of our National Anthem. Even Uncle Sam was impressed.

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