I've been going to eat at Bluff Lake Catfish Farm in Maquoketa since I was a small child. Some of my favorite childhood memories involve the times we've gathered with friends and family to eat the amazing shrimp, catfish, chicken, and other favorites at Bluff Lake. It's a place that words don't do justice. You have to experience it for yourself. There is nothing better than the look on a first-timer's face as you drive through a farmstead to get to the restaurant. It's all part of the Bluff Lake experience!

Each fall the restaurant closes down before re-opening the following January. The Bluff Lake Facebook page stated that the restaurant closed in late November of 2021. In that status update, they also teased that some new renovations would be done to the restaurant before it opened again sometime in January. Well, we now know when that opening date will be!

While I can't wait to see what the new additions to Bluff Lake will be, it's also important to read the last part of the update. The re-opening is contingent upon them getting the supplies in to get the renovations done. Hopefully, the supply chain issues of 2021 don't follow us into the New Year! Either way, it doesn't appear the wait will be too much longer to head back to one of Eastern Iowa's great restaurants!

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