When you're running for President and visiting a state like Iowa, you have to make sure you know the local terminology. This goes for the names of towns, small-town mayors, and of course, the names of local favorite foods. Democratic candidate Beto O'Rourke found that out the hard way this week.

Breakfast pizza is serious business here in the Midwest. Beto proclaimed his love of Casey's breakfast pizza recently even claiming in his Instagram story that he was eating some at that moment. But the internet doesn't lie. The video shows the pizza Beto is eating containing marinara sauce and olives. Casey's breakfast pizza doesn't feature either item. If you want a better idea of what breakfast pizza looks like, I present to you this beauty from Caseys!

Beto's campaign manager has since come forward and admitted that the Casey's that they visited was out of breakfast pizza. So it was just Casey's pizza FOR breakfast, not breakfast pizza.

Will this cost Beto the nomination? Clearly, no. But it's a quick lesson to all candidates visiting our state. Do the research. Learn what we like, and then don't lie about what kind of pizza you're eating!


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