Have we mentioned how blessed we are with the restaurants that we have here in Cedar Rapids? We've gotten your input on some of the best national chains that need to come to, or return to Cedar Rapids. But our local restaurants are a huge source of pride as well. Here are 5 of the best:



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    Need Pizza

    In a short time being open, Need has become a huge hot-spot in downtown. In no small part, that is due to it now being one of two pizza shops--along with Ruby's just around the corner--filling a desperate void in an area of the city that went seemingly forever without one. Their New Haven-style pizza is excellent and the atmosphere is very friendly. They are also open on Sundays--another plus.

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    Red's Public House

    Just down the block from Need Pizza is the always hopping Red's Public House. It's more than a bar, the food is top-notch also, particularly at breakfast. It's also a great place to watch a game.

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    Bistro on The River

    Bistro provides a really cozy atmosphere with excellent service every time. Smaller portions might be the drawback here, but the food is great. If you want a high-end dining experience that isn't too high-end in cost, then go to Bistro on the River.

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    Dublin City Pub

    This is probably one of the most underrated places in downtown. Great place to hang out and watch a game, have a beer and munch on some great food served by an awesome staff. Excellent spot to book a group party as well.

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    The Blue Strawberry Coffee Company

    This is more coffee shop than a restaurant, but they have great breakfast burritos and panini sandwiches as well as other food items for breakfast and lunch. Probably the best part is that while it's always packed with customers, it stays very quiet. Read and enjoy coffee or one of the above-mentioned breakfast burritos. Unfortunately, they've recently started closing on Sundays. But for the 6 other days of the week, you don't want to miss the Blue Strawberry.


    Rock Bar American Grill

    Dying for a steak? Get your fix at the Rock Bar American Grill. Always great to hang out at this place with friendly service. Great steak and they didn't skimp on the fries or cole slaw, either.

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