The great thing about living in a free country like we do is the having the right to express your views. You can publicly support whichever political candidate you like and there will be no repercussions. Sure, you neighbors might give you a sly look as you post your Trump or Biden sign in your front yard. But it is your yard, and it is your choice. But there are some rules that you need to remember before you stake that sign down.

According to the Iowa Ethic's Board, political campaign signs are permitted at the following locations.

  • Residential Property
  • Agricultural land belonging to a family farm operation.
  • Property leased for residential purposes including, but not limited to, apartments, condos, college housing, and houses. Sign may only be posted on the portion of the leased property that is occupied.
  • Vacant lots owned by a person who is not a prohibited contributor.
  • Property belonging to any business, association, or organization that is not a financial institution, or insurance company.
  •  Property leased by a candidate, campaign committee, or an organization established to advocate the nomination, election or defeat of a candidate when the property is used as campaign headquarters or office.
  • Property owned by the state, county, city, or other political subdivision if the property is made open and available to any person from the public to lawfully place any type of sign.

Those are the rules here in the state of Iowa. And for the most part, people are more than happy to obey those rules. However, the Cedar Rapids Gazette reports that in the small Iowa town of Ute, a city employee hung flags in support of President Trump from city poles. That of course, is a no-no. The flags were eventually taken down. The city employee has not been identified.

So feel free to put those yard signs up. Just make sure they're up in the right spot!

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