Courtlin and I absolutely love doing the 'Furry Friday' segments. What's not to love? We get to pet and play with great dogs every week! Most dogs that come up to the station are well behaved and warm up to both of us quick. But when Bailey walked into the KHAK studio this week, she seemed a bit skittish. Whenever I see a dog put it's tail between its legs and cower, I get sad. I wonder what the dog has been through that makes it not trust new people. Bailey was very leery of me but warmed right up to Courtlin. After a few minutes, she did eat some treats from me too. We had our moment.

Bailey is just over a year old and is a pit bull, terrier mix. She is a gorgeous brindle color. We don't get many like her on 'Furry Fridays'! She is currently staying at Safe Haven of Iowa County. You can find out more information on how to adopt here HERE.

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