Bagel lovers, you're gonna wanna see this.

There are all sorts of trendy foods out there. Some of them stand the test of time... and others? Not so much. I'm hoping if this new trendy food will be one of the ones make it, because it actually sounds delicious. You know donut holes, right? They take a donut and make it into a super small ball so you can eat a million of them and not feel bad? Well, somebody has done that with bagels.

It all started on the show "Shark Tank." The good people over at Bantam Bagels had the idea of making little balls of bagels that are stuffed and topped with delicious things. They won themselves an investor and have since expanded their business, and now the trend has inspired businesses across the country, including a new restaurant in Washington DC called "B-Holes" (no, that's not a joke).

Check out some of these amazing looking bagel balls:

Will bagel balls make their way to Cedar Rapids anytime soon? I certainly hope so!


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