Ashley McBryde has released a new song, "One Night Standards," from her upcoming sophomore album. It's first taste of new music from McBryde since she released her universally lauded 2018 major-label debut album, Girl Going Nowhere.

McBryde co-wrote "One Night Standards" with Nicolette Hayford (the two co-wrote the songs "Livin' Next to Leroy" and "A Little Dive Bar in Dahlonega" on the Girl Going Nowhere album) and Shane McAnally. McBryde and Hayford were writing together, a press release explains, when the singer found herself coming back to the same lyrics: "It ain’t somethin’ I wanna spend a lot of time in … I ain’t gonna stay for the weekend." 

She knew that they were onto something special. The pair called McAnally in, and a simple comment led to a clever play on words and McBryde's new single.

"I joked, ‘You know, hotel rooms ... they only have one night stand for a reason. They’re one night stand-ers,'" McBryde recounts. "Shane and Nic’s eyes lit up: ‘Did you just say one night standards?’”

From there, the trio formulated the song, which is all about setting the rules for a one-night stand: "It’s just a room key, you ain’t gotta lie to me / Can’t you just use me like I’m using you? / How it goes is, the bar closes There’s no king bed covered in roses / Just a room without a view / I don’t want a number you ain’t gonna answer / Let’s just stick to the one night standards."

"One Night Standards" sees McBryde joining forces with renowned producer Jay Joyce, with whom she worked on her Grammy-nominated Girl Going Nowhere album. Joyce blends forces with McBryde's band, the folks who play more than 100 shows with her every year, to create a calm, determined anthem that seamlessly blends steady drums and soaring electric guitars all set against a pedal steel background.

McBryde is currently on tour, and will be joining Miranda Lambert's all-star Roadside Bars & Pink Guitars Tour on select dates as well.

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