Red means stop, Green means go and yellow means slow down to prepare to stop. At least, that is what we are all taught when we go through driver education. Yet, somehow the idea of slowing down when yellow (almost red) has gotten confused with speeding up and it has caused a lot more deaths recently.

AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety recently did a study according to government data and found out that deaths caused by running red lights has increased to a 10 year high, killing at least 2 people every day in the U.S. The study found that traffic related deaths between 2008 and 2017 increased 31%. In 2017, drivers who ran red lights killed 939 people compared to 715 people in 2009.

Why is this happening? well, there is no exact reason but many things have been brought into question such as distracted driving, cell phones, and just running red lights because others do it. Is there a solution for this? Well one idea is to put up more red light cameras but really it is on the driver's head. Be responsible and when yellow comes on the the light it means, SLOW DOWN. Getting to some place on time is not as important as the possibility of killing someone. To check out more causes and solutions behind this study, go here.

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