When disaster strikes, people come together. We've seen that first-hand here in eastern Iowa.

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The derecho that blew through the area on August 10 destroyed homes and businesses, downed trees, and left thousands of Iowans without out power. Linn County certainly looks a little different now. After the devastation, Iowans and organizations from all over came together to get things cleaned up.

One man from Indiana, Brian Rock, was among the many that came to help Cedar Rapidians. According to Iowa News Now, Rock is an army veteran who served three years in the military, including a tour in Afghanistan. Now, he's serving up brick oven pizzas at his business Elevated Pie Company. While Rock's usual consumers are those at "concerts and sports events", part of the business is charity work known as Operation Pizza Front that gives free slices to those in need. Iowans were among those in need. And since the pandemic cancelled most events, Rock decided to donate his pizza to Iowans affected by the storm.

When Rock arrived in Cedar Rapids, he saw what "Iowa Nice" is all about.

The nicest people I have ever met. People helping me setup. I come from a bigger city and people aren't as kind. In this community, I'm just wow. I feel they have less but they really do have more to give." -Rock told Iowa News Now

The report states that Brian Rock served around 150 pizzas in southwest Cedar Rapids, and his generous acts did not go unnoticed. It's nice to know there are people like Brian out there helping those in need, and it warms our hearts to see the community come together. #IowaStrong.

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