As bars are starting to open this week in Eastern Iowa, it's a sign that our world is slowly getting back to normal. I say slowly, as there are still lots of rules, guidelines and recommendations that businesses will have to follow when things open up.

So what about entertainment?  I see that a few places doing are booking bands and selling a limited number of tickets. After all, we need to make sure we stay 6 feet away and all venues must stay at 50 percent occupancy.

So what about Karaoke?

A good friend of mine, "Jason G," owns a local Karaoke company here in Cedar Rapids. He told me he's ready to get back at it and is booking appearances as we speak. He's one of the best in town, and I'm glad he's going back to work.

But with that said, would you want to take part in Karaoke as early as this weekend? Would it bother you to share the same microphone with dozens of other people?

I'm cool with it, as long as there is proper cleaning being done in between songs. I know they aren't cheap, but if the person running the event switched out mic screens with every singer, I would have no issues.

I have a few friends that told me they think it's too soon. They want to wait a few weeks and see if the numbers go down here in Iowa. I can't blame them, we're not out of the woods yet.


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