If you ask Iowa football fans what ONE thing they'd like to see at Kinnick Stadium during Hawkeye football games, the majority would probably list beer sales as the top thing on their wish list. Well, keep dreaming Iowa fans. Alcohol sales aren't coming to Kinnick anytime soon, but some recent developments might give Hawkeye fans a little more hope for the future.

More college stadiums are letting alcohol in for the first time. Last week Oklahoma State became the latest. Colorado State reached a deal with New Belgium brewery to sponsor a party deck in their new stadium renovation that opened last season. It's not so much about the potential money that beer sales would bring in. It's all about the fan experience. Iowa athletic director Gary Barta agrees.

Barta was asked about the situation at Big Ten Media Days on Tuesday. He said that in the age of the fan experience if Iowa fans demand beer sales in general seating areas of Kinnick Stadium, he at least has to listen. Barta said that if and when Iowa does add the sale of alcohol, it won't be about adding revenue. Barta said that ten to fifteen years ago the topic wouldn't have even been discussed. But he admits that things have changed in Iowa City.

Barta said that the environment around Kinnick involving alcohol is much better than it was a decade ago. There are fewer arrests and fewer stadium issues. He said that is a great starting point. But don't get your hopes up. Barta said that beer isn't coming to Kinnick this season and there are no plans on discussing the issue. So you're saying there's a chance?

[via Gazette]

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