If you're one of the many Iowans looking to help out victims of Hurricane Harvey, there's another way to get your donations down to the people who need them.

Troy and Keri McDaniel, the owners of Lefty’s Tattoo in Cedar Rapids, have started up a personal collection drive to get supplies for the people impacted by the flooding in Texas. They are no strangers to flooding, telling KCRG that the shop they owned back in 2008 was completely wiped out by the flood here in Cedar Rapids. As a way to pay back the help they relieved back in '08, the couple borrowed a-14 foot trailer that they plan to fill with supplies and drive down to Texas. After gaining support from other Eastern Iowans, another business offered up a 24-foot trailer for their endeavor!

Troy McDaniel told KCRG that he has friends near Houston who said that many stores have closed their doors, so there are lots of people who are in need of supplies right now. If you would like to donate items to flood victims, you can drop them of at the shop at 1449 B Ave. N.E. until tomorrow evening. They plan to leave for Texas on Saturday.

We love hearing about amazing local people and businesses who are helping out our fellow Americans down in Houston, so if you know of any others, let us know about them in the comments!

[Via KCRG]


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