No doubt you've heard of therapy dogs, but have you ever heard of a therapy pig? The students and staff at Franklin Elementary School in Muscantine, Iowa have!

A special education teacher at Franklin by the name of Trina Hepker was looking into getting a class pet for her special needs students, when she came across the teacup pig. She said in an interview with CBS 2, "There was some research backing up how students with autism react to them. Students with behavior disorders, they feel like there's a comfort there." After speaking to the principal of the school, Trina found Frankie, a three-month-old teacup mini potbelly pig.

Frankie has now been at the school for around a month and is having a very positive impact on the students. She is said to be a very calming presence, but she is also teaching the kids responsibility and helping them to be more social. Teacups pigs have a lifespan of 12-15 years, so she has lots of time to continue helping students!

To read more about Frankie and her impact on Franklin Elementary School, click HERE.

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