If you're looking for a place to cut money out of your monthly budget, might I suggest fast food and take out. It's no secret that we spend TONS of money on fast food. It's one of my personal weaknesses and it's costing us thousands of dollars a year!

A new survey looked at how much we spend on take-out food and splurging for drinks like coffee and smoothies. Let's talk about fast food first. I can tell you that my family doesn't eat out nearly as much as we used to. First of all, there are five of us. Even a trip to McDonald's can run us $30 or more. The average person does take out or delivery 2.4 times per week. They spend an average of around $20 every time. That adds up to 125 times per year at a cost of nearly $2500!

And how about those drink stops? We stop for those an average of 2.5 times per week at an average cost of $3.72. That adds up to 130 times a year costing you $484! When you add it all up, you spend nearly $3,000 a year on fast food and coffee! That's $15,000 the past five years. That could have bought you a really nice car. But hey, enjoy your McChicken.


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