A Tupelo, Mississippi native made a huge impression on the American Idol judges (and particularly Luke Bryan) on the reality show's March 18 episode.

When contestant Zeb Spencer was asked what he does for fun, he responded that he has clogged for 12 years. Clogged? If you are confused, you aren't the only one: Judge Katy Perry thought he meant clogging toilets. Bryan helped put things straight by grabbing Spencer's guitar and playing, while Spencer showed Perry how to clog (it's a type of folk dance).

Speancer was a state champion clogger a few years back, but his performance of Muscadine Bloodline's "Front Swing Angel" impressed the judges even more than his dancing feet, as it showed off his impeccable tone and country grit.

After he finished performing Bryan sighed, "You, my friend, in my opinion, are about this close to being absolutely incredible. You have everything country, and you have the country soul that doesn't sound forced. Just get a little touch of pain and relaxation in there. Man, I love your tone."

Perry added, "You gave us glimpses of, just, kind of this grit."

Bryan wqsn't done. "I love your potential, man. I love it," he added. "Maybe my favorite country voice that's come through the last year and this year."

Lionel Richie and Perry voiced their agreement, saying that it was a tall order but well-deserved. Overall, it was a no-brainer for the judges—Spencer is off to Hollywood!

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