As the final week of shows taped by Alex Trebek begin to air, the first starts with an emotional message to viewers.

The episode was filmed just 10 days before his death. He used the opening of the episode to give a couple of words of inspiration and hope.

“We’re trying to build a gentler, kinder society, and if we all pitch in just a little bit, we’re gonna get there,” Trebek told viewers.

Mike Richards, the executive producer of the show, told The Today Show, “In this very special unbelievable final week, he comes out and gives a talk about the importance of togetherness and sticking together and that the world is struggling but that we have to get through it together,” Richards said. “We had chills. There are specific moments in Jeopardy when you clap, and then there are moments when you are quiet. There’s not that many people in the studio because of COVID, and we all burst into applause. We were so moved that we had to applaud.”

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