Adventureland has announced not one, but TWO new rides arriving in 2023! The post reads:

"The first leg of the Viking invasion happens by sea. Introducing DRAKEN FALLS, a next-generation flume ride coming to Adventureland in 2023!

One new ride isn't enough - Adventureland guests deserve two! Get ready for FLYING VIKING, a frenetically fun family coaster that's made better by weaving together with DRAKEN FALLS for two incredible, uniquely themed attractions arriving next summer."

You can get more details on both new rides HERE.


Get ready for some big news from Adventureland!

Earlier this week, Adventureland Park in Altoona made an interesting post on social media. The photo showed a Viking helmet sitting in the dirt, with the caption:

"We unearthed something interesting at the site of our 2023 adventure. What could it mean? Stay tuned, more news is sure to come soon!"

Just one day later (August 4th), Adventureland gave us another clue as to what the announcement will be! They posted a scenic, 15 second video featuring Vikings that reads:

"They're coming - by land and by sea. The Viking Invasion. Hang on to your helmet. Adventureland 2023."

The posts make it pretty clear that a new Viking-themed ride will be arriving next year, but what kind of ride? Adventureland fans have been speculating in the comments. Facebook user Rob Howe wrote, "Zamperla family rollercoaster and log flume combo?" Another commenter, Kayla Coon, said, "New water ride like the log ride I hope." User Logan Ingersoll added, "It must be a Water Coaster." Unfortunately, we won't know for sure until next week. Adventureland promises, "the journey to 2023's new adventure begins Tuesday, August 9!"

Adventureland has made all sorts of changes this past year. Three older rides, Lighthouse, Falling Star, and Lady Luck, were all removed last fall to make room for ten new attractions in 2022 and 2023. The park was also sold to Palace Entertainment in December. Oh, and don't forget about the new Phantom Fall Fest! The Halloween-themed event will take place every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in October. Check out the latest news from Adventureland by following their Facebook page HERE.

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