A University of Iowa student is making headlines this week for creating a new viral internet challenge! We present to you: The Flex Challenge...

According to TIME, Jax Kranitz is the woman featured in the video above. She is a student at the University of Iowa and the brains behind the "Flex Challenge." If you're wondering how she makes it look so easy, it's because she's a gymnast.

The "Flex Challenge" requires you to lay flat on your stomach with your hands behind your back. You then need to SOMEHOW drag your legs around to the front of your body and stand up. You aren't allowed to use your hands or roll to the side. I've watched quite a few videos of people attempting the challenge, and very few of them were successful. I think that's why it's so fun, though! If you can't do the splits, you're pretty much guaranteed to fail. Kids seem to be better at it than adults.

Check out some other videos of the "Flex Challenge" HERE!

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