According to a recent post from Ohana Poké Shop, the new restaurant is now OPEN! The hours are 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily.


Folks over on the eastside of Marion will have a new type of food to try in the very near future!

Thanks to a new Facebook page, we now know that a restaurant called Ohana Poké Shop is moving into the space at 2931 7th Ave in Marion. Located between Morning Story and Arby's, Ohana Poké Shop is locally-owned and operated and will offer a variety of poke bowls, plus a "build-your-own" poke bowl option.

If you're not familiar with poke bowls, they're a Hawaiian dish filled with sushi and a variety of other ingredients. Owner Kayleigh Phillips says that it's kind of like ordering a Burrito Bowl at Panchero's or Chipotle. First, you’ll choose between white rice, brown rice, or salad for your "base." Then you will pick your protein (salmon, tuna, marinated tuna, shrimp, chicken, pork belly, or tofu), and it’ll get tossed in with a marinade of your choice. From there, you'll select other ingredients to add to it, like onion, jalapeño, cilantro, cucumbers, carrots, pineapple, or avocado. Finally, the bowl will be topped with another sauce and the crunchy topping of your choice (wonton strips, tempura crunch, or sesame seeds).

Kayleigh told me that the restaurant will also feature a few other menu options, but they're keeping them under wraps until they get closer to opening. Construction on the building is well underway, and they hope to begin welcoming customers by May. You can follow the Facebook page for the latest updates HERE.

If you're a fan of poke bowls, sushi, or other similar foods, you'll be happy to know that another restaurant is preparing to open in Uptown Marion next month! MIX Sushi & Kitchen, located at 1138 7th Ave, has announced that their tentative opening date is Saturday, April 9th. You can read more about the relocated restaurant HERE.

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