Our first real blast of cold arctic air is currently moving into the state. Lows in the single digits and wind chills WAY below zero are on the way! It's the worst part of winter in my opinion. Temperatures that take your breath away, literally! But if you think it couldn't possibly get any colder. It can. And it has...even right here in Iowa.

Now the coldest temperatures ever recorded in the United States all take place in states that you would expect. Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado are just a few that are on the list multiple times. So who holds the record?

  1. Roger's Pass, Montana -70F January 20th, 1954
  2. Peter's Sink, Utah          -69F February 1st, 1985
  3. Yellowstone, Wyoming   -66F February 9th, 1933

Those are records that may not be touched for a long time! But what kind of record cold does Iowa know? Certainly nothing THAT extreme. I think you'll be surprised! The coldest ever temperature recorded in Iowa happened in the town of Washta. On January 12th, 1912, the small northwest Iowa town recorded a temperature of -47F.  Nearly 50 below! Here's hoping that record stands for years to come!


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