SAY IT AIN'T SO! According to a new Facebook post, one of our favorite local BBQ restaurants will be closing in the very near future. Sugarfire Cedar Rapids announced on Sunday, October 29th that they are preparing to close their doors for good.

Located at 2350 Edgewood Rd SW, Sugarfire first opened its doors in the summer of 2020, which made for a difficult beginning. The post reads:

"We have been fighting an uphill battle since breaking ground on our building renovations in February of 2020 and opening to the public in June of 2020. Through a pandemic to a derecho and the horrible economy we have had since, we have tried everything we can to work toward profitability. Unfortunately, operation costs are just too high now."


Sugarfire goes on to thank their staff and their customers for their support over the years, and encourages BBQ fans to check out other local restaurants, like CR Midnight Smoker BBQ. They also reveal that their final day in business will be Saturday, November 4th.

The good news is, Sugarfire isn't gone forever. The BBQ company is still going strong in Missouri, where it was founded. Gift cards for the Cedar Rapids location can be used at their other locations if you're not able to visit before the closure.

Sugarfire Cedar Rapids was one of our favorite places to do Listener Lunch these past few years. We had some amazing meals and will miss the restaurant's pulled pork, smoked turkey, brisket cheesesteak, mac & cheese, and cornbread, among other things. If you never stopped by, be sure to check it out before it closes!

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