Rosie Wessinger of North Liberty received a suspicious phone call on Friday that she wants to make others aware of.

"The Police Foundation does NOT solicit donations from anyone via phone. If you have been contacted via telephone and asked to make donations to the national Police Foundation in Washington D.C., this is a scam."

The above statement was posted earlier this year to the official Police Foundation website. Apparently, people have been using their non-profit as a way to solicit money from people via phone. You would think that because the group is located in D.C., it would only affect people in that area, but a North Liberty woman proved that to be untrue.

Rosie Wessinger received a call on Friday from someone claiming to be with the Police Foundation, but she said she questioned it because the caller was "aggressive with the request and short on details," according to KCRG. The article states that Rosie often gets calls from local organizations, and when the call is local, the person on the phone is typically very "open and honest." She told KCRG, "when somebody is not willing to give you information, that's cause for concern."

There are plenty of legitimate organizations to ask for donations over the phone, so how do you avoid being scammed while still giving back to the community? The Police Foundation recommends taking down information about the call, including name, number, date, and time. They also suggest requesting donation information be sent to you via mail.

If you do get a scam call like this one, click HERE for more details on how to report it.

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