Last July, a Hawkeye football player got some attention for a song that he wrote about college football's greatest new tradition, the Iowa Wave. Defensive lineman Dalles Jacobus performed "We Wave" for the first time at the 'Beyer Bash,' where it was captured on video by Kim Beyer Olson. The Facebook video got a ton of attention locally, garnering over 4,700 shares! In case you missed it, here's the popular video:

We actually got to talk to Dalles about "We Wave" shortly after it was released. He was an incredibly nice guy!

This week, we were informed that Dalles was involved in writing and performing another new song, this time with a country artist from Pella, Iowa by the name of Adam Whitehead. The song is called "Single Mom," and the two guys decided to release it on Mother's Day, for obvious reasons. The chorus says:

"And pinchin' every quarter, every dollar, every day that goes by
The coulda woulda shoulda beens, every teenage sin that brought her into this complex life
And at the end of the day, she done her best to pave a way for the road God put her on
Single mom"

There's no official music video for the song, but there is a lyric video!

For more music from Adam Whitehead, you can follow his artist page on Facebook HERE.

Dalles Jacobus also has an artist page on Facebook that you can follow HERE. He released a solo song a couple of weeks ago called "Before Lockdown," which you can view below:

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