A woman who said a room in her home smelled like fish has gone viral with a warning about what the actual smell was. Katie Rose Dugger posted to Facebook that after doing a deep cleaning of her son's bedroom the smell didn't go away. After a few days, the odor finally disappeared. However, it returned days later.

A bit of research uncovered the seriousness of what was hiding behind a couple plug-ins. The wall outlet was melting them and a fire could've soon followed.

Storm Guard Restoration warns of different smells that you should be concerned with in your home... among them is "a pungent fish smell."

It often indicates that there’s a burning electrical implement somewhere in your home. As it turns out, electrical wires and other manufactured plastic components emit a fishy smell when they’re exposed to high heat. If you smell this particular odor, take a look at your outlets and electrical components to see if anything is melting or otherwise malfunctioning.

The other odors to be concerned with:

  • Smoke: Exit your home and call 911.
  • Rotten Eggs: A possible natural gas leak. Leave your house and the immediate vicinity and call 911.
  • Dirty sock-like smell: You could have a mold problem. Use a bleach and water solution and then vent that area after a short time.
  • A smell that resembles a wet dog: There could be an animal in your wall. Depending on how strong the smell is, it could be deceased.
  • You don't smell anything but are experiencing flu-like symptoms, only when you're at home: You may be suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning. Vent the building and call 911. If you don't have a carbon monoxide detector, please get one.

Stay safe everyone!


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