Runt's Munchies in Cedar Rapids is doing something awesome to give back to the community during the coronavirus pandemic! The local restaurant, located at 529 5th Ave SE, announced on Facebook that they will be offering free meals to local people in need two nights a week. The post reads:

"Starting this Wednesday night April 8th, Runt's will be offering a free meal to those who are in need. We will be offering this from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., or until it runs out. These meals will be done on Wednesday and Saturday evenings. We have a volunteer delivery driver for those that would like to order but are unable to leave their houses at this time. If you would like a contact for free delivery just let us know and we will gladly ding, dong ditch the food at your front door or wherever you designate!"

Runt's will post what the meal will consist of on the morning of the offer, and you can order it by messaging the official Facebook page or calling 319-200-2517. All they ask is that if you would like the meal delivered, please let them know by 3 p.m. so they can make the proper arrangements. Also, if you happen to have some free time on Wednesday or Saturday nights and you would like to volunteer your time to deliver the meals, you can contact them about that, too!

The post adds:

"We will have a donation container on the counter if anyone would like to donate so we can keep this going for as long as we need to! Just as a reminder if you come to pick up the meal and you see a few people already inside please wait for them to leave so we can still safely practice social distancing!!"

For more information on the free meals, you can visit the Runt's Munchies Facebook page HERE.

If you happen to know of any other local restaurants offering free meals to people in need, please let us know in the comments below!

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