Back in late November, word got out that Mamacita Taco Bar, a newer Cedar Rapids restaurant, would be closing its doors. The good news was that the closure was only temporary. The 1st Avenue restaurant decided to relocate to a bigger space on another side of town, and that new location is now open for business!

Mamacita Taco Bar has taken over at 3025 Mount Vernon Road SE, the former home to Vernon Bar and Grill. Vernon Bar and Grill moved into what used to be the Cork & Fork at 2835 Mount Vernon Road SE last August. As far as other changes go, Mamacita Taco Bar promises the "same great food & margaritas" that customers have come to love since their initial opening in early 2022.

As of December 26th, Mamacita Taco Bar is open daily from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., with Happy Hour during the week from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Things at the new location seem to be going great so far! The latest update from the restaurant reads:

"As we wrapped up our 2nd full week in our new location, we can’t express how happy we are to be a part of this community! The amount of gratitude we have for your support goes beyond words. We are so thankful to have been so busy these last weeks & are so excited to continue to serve you all!"

For the latest updates from Mamacita Taco Bar on Mount Vernon Road, you can follow the official Facebook page HERE. We wish them the best of luck at their new home and we can't wait to stop by!

Speaking of Mexican restaurants, did you know that there are two other new ones here in the Corridor? Get more information on them HERE!

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