Late last year, we got word that a place called Tasty Crepe would be shutting down their business in Cedar Rapids. The restaurant was located inside Rapid Foods at 4444 1st Ave NE, a cafeteria-style building meant to house multiple restaurants at once. Before their closure, Tasty Crepe revealed that their landlords told them that there was a chance the building could be closing due to low occupancy. Even though the building ended up with a later closing date, the owners of Tasty Crepe decided to shut down before the start of the new year.

Also located inside Rapid Foods was a place called Rio Burritos. According to the Cedar Rapids Gazette, the eatery was once a popular food truck until it was damaged by the derecho back in 2020. In August of 2022, Rio Burritos reopened inside Rapid Foods and began serving food again. Now we've gotten word that they're relocating to their very own restaurant this spring!

Back in early January, Rio Burritos announced on Facebook that they would be closing their current location on January 29th. They also wrote:

"We have not yet secured our new location, but if all goes well we will be able to update everyone in a few days."

The Cedar Rapids Gazette reports that Rio Burritos will be moving into the space at 5001 1st Ave SE, formerly the home of La Chamba. If you're not familiar with La Chamba, it's probably because the restaurant was only open a few months before unexpectedly closing down. We're happy to see that space going to good use!

Rio Burritos was hoping to open in their new location next month, but they announced yesterday (February 22nd) on Facebook that it will take a little longer than that. The post reads:

"As with life, expect the unexpected. Although we initially were under the understanding we would be able to be up and running sometime in March, looks like it will most likely be sometime in April or May. We will keep you posted on our progress. Thank you kindly!"

For the latest updates on Rio Burritos, you can follow their official Facebook page HERE!

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