If someone you love is a big fan of Pabst Blue Ribbon, we have the perfect gift idea this holiday season!

According to Delish, 99-packs of PBR, which have been available in Canada for a while now, are now going to be available in 15 states including Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, and IOWA! The insanely large limited-edition case of beer comes with three different varieties: Original, Easy, and Extra. Just take a look at this bad boy:

If you're planning to buy one of the 99-packs, hopefully you have some friends to help you out. You'll need them to help you drink the beer AND to help you carry the box. Food & Wine reports that it's seven-feet long and 82-pounds!

The limited-edition package was recently advertised on Facebook by a store in Makato, Minnesota for $59.99, and KEYC says they were completely sold out within 24-hours. People really do love their PBR!

I haven't seen any of my Iowa Facebook friends post photos of the 99-pack of PBR yet, but if you happen to spot one while you're out shopping, PLEASE let us know! We want to know exactly when and where they're available so we can pass along the information to fellow Iowans. Happy holidays!

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