Packer fans are a special breed.

It really didn't take that long to sell out 6,000 tickets to this Saturday's Packer playoff game against the LA Rams. It was only a few months ago that season ticket holders were asked to reply if they would be interested in tickets if they were made available.

The answer was yes.

So here we are just days away from kickoff, and the Packers report they are sold out. No kidding, Sherlock. And it's no wonder, Packer fans are loyal and hearty, they can take the cold, and they love the snow; so go ahead if you can think of anything else a Wisconsin winter can throw at them.

But to any fans attending, a warning: this virus can be deadly. Even with proper protocols in place (masks, distancing, etc.), it is still very possible to catch Coivd-19. And you never know which way that virus may strike a person. You're lucky if it's a mild dose or barely even noticeable. But for those who are simply a bit overweight, or perhaps diabetic, or anyone dealing with any other type of health issue, it may not be such a lucky ticket.

Don't get me wrong. I can't deny it. I would most certainly go to the game myself if I had a ticket. After all these months of being locked down, we are all ready for some socializing of any kind. But I need to remind myself there is STILL a pandemic going on, and this is JUST a football game. That is also on TV.

So to all those attending, be safe and be well. I'll look for you on TV as the Packers take the field.

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