Most people have enough common sense NOT to put most of the following items down your kitchen sink drain. The list of banned items is whether you have a garbage disposal or not! Now that's something I wasn't even aware of. So what needs to say out of your drain?

  • Grease, cooking oil, or butter. They can mix with other junk and make a thick sludge that clogs things up.
  • Egg shells. Yes, even if you have a disposal keep them out. They can break blades, and clog things up.
  • Coffee grounds. Once again, it's what they can stick to that will cause you a backup.
  • Pasta. Seems like an obvious one to me. Pasta expands, as does rice, when wet.
  • Flour. When mixed with water it's like glue. Don't wipe it to the sink, throw it out.
  • Stickers on fresh produce. Yes, they can stick to almost anything on the way down your drain.


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