We know that not everyone is from Cedar Rapids. There are going to be some things that are a little different and not everyone is going to be in tune with the "lingo". So to help out-of-towners avoid getting on some eastern Iowan's nerves, here are some things that you should avoid saying to a Cedar Rapidian.

  • "What's That Awful Smell?"

    Cedar Rapids' motto is the 'City of Five Seasons', but it has an unofficial nickname of "The City of Five Smells". This is due to several things: We are home to food manufacturers such as ADM, grain processing plants like General Mills and Quaker Oats, and we have a former landfill known as "Mt. Trashmore". As you can imagine, a mixture of these things can make for some interesting smells sometimes. That is unless it's Crunch Berry day (which is heaven for our nostrils). We know there are some weird smells, but there are other great things about the city that we can focus on.

  • "What Kind of Soda Do You Have?"

    Do we look like we're in New York or California? No. It's called POP. And the kind of pop you want is probably Mountain Dew.

  • "Ew, Ranch Is Gross"

    Uhm, what?! Around here we eat ranch with practically EVERYTHING. It's on our wings, pizza, french fries, salad, sandwiches, and so on. We practically drink the stuff!

  • "Cedar Rapids? Oh, That's Where All The Rollercoasters Are!"

    Nope. The place with all of the rollercoasters would be Cedar Point, Ohio. We're Cedar RAPIDS, IOWA. Not only does our city get confused with others, but so does our state. Many out-of-towners confuse us with Ohio and Idaho. Learn some geography people!

  • "Do You Like Living In The Country?"

    Yes, we live in Iowa and there are A LOT of corn fields and farms. But, we're just like any other state and do have bigger cities and downtown areas too. In fact, Cedar Rapids is the second largest city in Iowa.

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