As the road construction season nears its end for another year in Cedar Rapids, drivers are about to regain use of a bridge that's been closed since April.

Back on April 5, the 32nd Street/Glass Road Bridge over I-380 in Cedar Rapids closed to traffic. Since that time, a ton of improvements have taken place. One of those, as you've no doubt noticed when traveling below the bridge on I-380, is new decorative railings. In addition to that obvious change, paving has been redone on both on and off ramps surrounding the bridge, the bridge deck has been rehabilitated, new traffic signals are in place on both ends of the bridge, and ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)-compliant sidewalk ramps are in place.

With all of those improvements pretty much complete, the City of Cedar Rapids announced via a media release Tuesday morning that the bridge should reopen to vehicle and pedestrian traffic by the end of the day this Thursday, October 21. You may see some intermittent lane changes in the week after the opening as the final work is completed.

Work on Oakland Road/Old Marion Road Continuing

According to the City of Cedar Rapids, paving was completed last week on Oakland Road NE from 35th Street through Hollywood Boulevard. Paving is also complete on Hollywood Boulevard N.E. from Oakland Road to Richmond Road.

The city says that Oakland Road between Center Street and Hollywood Boulevard and Hollywood Boulevard between Oakland Road and Richmond Road should be reopened to local traffic around the end of October.

More specifics on the project are available here.

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