Volunteers with Animal Welfare Friends, an animal shelter located in Monticello, were called to a home in the city last Thursday to remove a large number of cats. The owner of the 27 cats called local police to tell them that he could no longer care for the animals, since he is in bad health and would soon be getting surgery.

According to KCRG, the cats were in pretty bad shape. They were said to be "dirty, anemic, and malnourished," with one cat so infested with fleas that it did not survive. The kitties will require some time to recover, so they won't be put up for adoption just yet, but the shelter needs some help.

First of all, Animal Welfare Friends could use some assistance from other shelters in the area. They don't have enough room for all the cats, and volunteer Annie Locher told KCRG, "If multiple shelters can take even just 2 or 3 that would be a big help. And we have enough room to keep a few, but we can't keep them all." Secondly, they are always looking for donations for vet bills and supplies. If you'd like to help out these animals, you can click HERE for more information.

Also, the shelter has plenty of other lovely kitties that are looking for loving homes that are ready to be adopted NOW! Visit their website for a look at some of their residents.

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