You've been there... you go to the grocery store to "grab a few things" and you get to the one aisle where two old friends that haven't talked in years seem to have found each other?  They park their carts right there in the middle of the aisle and everyone else might as well cease their shopping for the day.  Yeah, super annoying.  Unfortunately, it is starting to happen again now that we are all roaming around more in the midwest.  That's not the only thing that is happening in Minnesota, Iowa, or Wisconsin that is super annoying!

18 Annoying Things that People in the Midwest are Doing

You know those Post-it notes that you used to put up on your mirrors or around your house to remind you of different things. Well, some people in Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin could use a whole pile of those to put up all over their world because they need some refreshers on a few basic things. Most are about driving but there are a few other moments in life that you'll realize annoy you too.

What's missing on the "most annoying things ever" list?

One that didn't make it on the list that I think deserves so recognition as well is people who just drive slow, especially around corners.  They actually slow down to a snail pace, like 1 mph slow as they make the turn.  It tends to bunch up traffic even more and is very unexpected to practically have to stop while you are turning.  That's mine.  Tell me yours by sending me a message to my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio.

What about the annoying things that are JUST in Rochester?

Oh, there's a list for that too!  Everything from construction seeming to happen on all of our roads at once to crow poop making us gag.  Scroll through below to see what the top annoyances are in the Med City.

8 Annoying Things That Happen in Rochester, Minnesota

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Rochester's Most Annoying Intersections

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