It looks like we have some lightweights here in Iowa! recently published a study outlining how beer tolerance levels vary from state to state. The article states:

"If you plan to enjoy a beer (or a few), you should be aware of how it affects you, specifically, so you know where to set a limit. With this in mind, we wanted to learn more about how tolerance levels vary across the nation."

The study revealed that the average American begins to feel drunk after 3.45 beers. When you break it down by state, Iowa is just about average at 3.48 beers. Arizona, Michigan, and Maine are the states with the highest alcohol tolerance, while Hawaii, Idaho, and Arkansas have the lowest.

14% of Iowans also stated that they begin to feel drunk after only ONE beer! I'll admit that that has happened to me before, but it's usually because the beer has a high level of alcohol and I haven't eaten anything in a long time. The national rate for that one is 21%.

How many beers does it usually take for you to feel drunk? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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