I'm lucky I'm not in traction, or worse.  Yesterday afternoon I decided it was time to trim and mow the yard.  Sounds simple enough.  I've done it time and time again, and am no worse for the wear.  Today, I'm lucky to be alive.

Things started off simply enough.  I was working my way toward the end, having trimmed for a good twenty minutes, when things went terribly wrong.

I was near a storm sewer that has dropped some from it's original level.  I stepped next to it on the curve, which is higher, and down I went.  Backwards onto my butt and back into the street behind me, with trimmer still in my hands.  I was only down for a couple seconds and quickly scrambled back to my feet.  The normal ran through my mind: "Did anybody see that?  Surely somebody saw that.  Just keep working."  So I finished the trimming, and still had a heartbeat.

Taratorki, Thinkstock

Minutes later I was mowing in approximately the same area, and admittedly probably still thinking about my concrete-encounter, when I backed off the curve into the street slightly.  Whoosh, a car goes by on our usually quiet street.  I don't know how close it was but it seemed really, really close.

One lawn mowing and two near-death experiences.  The day of rest almost led to a whole lot more of that than I bargained for...