I have a challenge to offer up to all of you sports fans.  My challenge may sound simple...but it can be tough to pull off.  Don't be fair weather.  I know I have mentioned before how it bothers me when "fans" of sports teams are calling for a coaches job or are critical of a team midway through a game.  Then, after the team pulls off a win or goes on a winning streak, the tune changes and the support returns.  I'm sorry...that's not a true fan.

I know many people that after their team loses a game, will not wear their team's logo or show support for that team for a day, two days, a week.  I even had one Green Bay Packer fan tell me he had "stopped watching the Packers after the injury to Aaron Rodgers."  I wonder if he will be watching this weekend when the Packers play in the first round of the NFL playoffs?

I challenge you to wear your team's logo loud and proud the next time they lose.  That's a fan.