2013 was an exciting year for Cedar Rapids.  From new buildings and projects, to major sports successes, amazing concerts and events, and so much more, it will definitely go down in the books as a biggie for the city.  We take a look back at the Top 10 stories of the year. (in no particular order)

Casino Coming to Cedar Rapids:
The U.S. Cellular Center / Doubletree Convention Complex Open:rooftop restaurant
A Year of concerts Parties:  GoDaddy brought Snoop Dogg to town

Downtown Public Facilities Open:LibraryGTCAnnual Baconfest eventwho


  • Flooding of the Cedar River:  There's was plenty of tension around town midyear, as the Cedar River started rising.  The scary part, was it was almost to the day of the 2008 floods.  And as the waters rose, the comparisons continued to come in.  However, due to a faulty gauge upstream, projection were overestimated, and major disaster was avoided in town (however some surrounding areas weren't quite as lucky).  However, the flood was followed by a very hot and dry summer, causing a drastic drought.

    Cyclospora Outbreak:

    An Impressive Year in Sports:KernelsByron BuxtonTitansXavier High School

  • Retail Changes: There was plenty of talk throughout the year of the major reconstruction and renovation of Westdale Mall.  And after many delays, plans were finally approved and unveiled.  While groundbreaking will not happen until next year, it'll be excited to watch the transformation.  Not to be outdone, Lindale Mall did undergo a facelift and expansion.

    Highway 100 Expansion:  

  • Cedar Rapids "Pays it Forward":  Local radio stations, including this one,  spent the summer partnered with Dupaco Community Credit Union giving away over $10,000 to random residents in a general act of good will, surprising residents at gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants, the downtown Farmers Market, NewBo and more.  All they asked was the recipient do the same for someone else.  It was truly a feel good summer.
  • What'd we miss?

    What were some of your most memorable moments of 2013?