My wife came back from a shopping excursion the other day and she had it. She had purchased something I never thought I'd see in our house. I had no idea she was “into” such things. I certainly am NOT into such things. I'll be honest, they annoy me. They frustrate me. At times they even make it difficult for me to breathe and they mess with my head. I'm talking about JIGSAW PUZZLES.

Maybe I should rephrase the last few sentences I just wrote. It's not really the jigsaw puzzle that does all of those things to me. I have been told by a certain loved one (wife) that I may have a “twinge” of OCD. I say “I just like things orderly and a certain way.” Yes, I go around and I shut doors and cupboards that are even the slightest bit cracked open. Yes, I like soft lighting and not bright lights around the house. Yes, when I watch my favorite sports teams, I have certain traditions (I call them) – she calls them “weird things” - I may do and have in place. Is that a crime? I think not.

Now, let's get back to this puzzle that has invaded our home. It's a jigsaw of a giant sandwich (see the photo.) I think she bought this certain puzzle because she knew I wouldn't be thrilled that it was in our house and if it was food, I'd be less irritated. The main reason this item bothers me is because it sits there...all disheveled and undone (see the photo.) Every time I walk by it on the card table, it makes me want to sit down and put it all together just so I can put it away. The only problem I have, is that I am not good at putting jigsaw puzzles together. I get frustrated easily and I quit. Then I see it there again, the next time I enter the room...taunting me. When she started putting this together this past Sunday she told me it wouldn't take long.'s Tuesday and when I go home...there it will sit...taunting me once again.