We say thousands of words every day, so we don't really think too much about how we're saying things. But the words that come out of our mouths on a daily basis provide clues to others about where we're from. For example, someone that says "y'all" or "fixin'" probably grew up somewhere in the south. Whereas someone that says "eh" is probably from Canada or one of the northern states. Not to generalize because this isn't true for everyone, but how people talk gives us a pretty good idea of what part of the country they're from.

In Iowa, there are a few words that are giveaways. I'm from Missouri, so there aren't too many differences between there and Iowa. But, I did notice a few as soon as I moved up here. The words pop, sack and garbage were weird for me to hear at first because I'm used to soda, bag, and trash.

An article in Reader's Digest recognized these differences and broke them up into regions. The article titled 'Say These 9 Words, and We’ll Tell You Where You Grew Up'. Basically, how you say these words will indicate where you're from. And I've got to say, Iowa's was spot on. Here are the words:

1. Fireflies or Lightning Bugs?

2. Garage Sale or Yard Sale?

3. You Guys or Y'all

4. Soda, Pop, or Coke?

6. Garbage Can or Trash Can?

7. Semi/Semitruck or Eighteen Wheeler?

8. Drinking Fountain or Water Fountain?

9. Tennis Shoes or Sneakers?

Got all of your answers? Click HERE to see if this list correctly predicted which region you're from.

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