All my wildest dreams are coming true! There is apparently a company out there that will pay you actual money just to watch TV. I was born for this.

The website just started accepting applications for a professional binge-watcher. According to the job listing:

"This job is a contracted position that pays a total of $2,000 for 100 hours of streaming. You can work whenever and wherever you want, the start date is flexible, and you don’t need a degree."

While employed, you'll have free access to seven different live streaming platforms where you can watch whatever you want. You'll be required to watch around 14 hours of live content on each major streaming platform and take notes on each service’s performance by November 1st. In order to apply, you have to be over 18, have a passion for TV, be able to recognize the signs of high-quality streaming, and have a strong social media presence.

It's super easy to apply - you can get all the info and fill out the application HERE. You best believe I already sent mine in!

By the way, they give bonus points for an awesome YouTube submission, so if you're super serious about this, I would recommend doing that.

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