Labor Day is coming up this weekend. The un-official end of summer. Summer's last gasp. I say good riddance! Now don't get me wrong, I enjoy summer. There are many activities that I take part in during the warm summer months that make life enjoyable. Going swimming, taking in all the outdoor concerts in the area, doing a little fishing in a pond or lake. But there are also unpleasant things I have to put up with. Bugs, heat, humidity, high energy bills, sweating through my shirt, getting sun burnt, allergies, just to name a few. You can have summer. I'm all about the Fall.

Fall doesn't officially begin until September 22nd. I don't care. I'm in 'fall mode' right now. I'm longing for nice cool days, and chilly nights. No more air conditioning, windows flung wide open letting the cool winds blow through the house. Working outside and barely breaking a sweat. Sitting around the fire pit at night and actually needing it for warmth! And Fall is full of some of my favorite things to do. Let's start with football! Rooting on the Hawkeyes on Saturday and my Packers on Sunday. Heading to an apple orchard or pumpkin patch. Taking in the amazing fall colors with a trip to Dubuque. Decorating for fall and eventually Halloween.

And finally, Fall has some of my favorite dates of the year. October 2nd, my wedding anniversary(22 years this year.) October 7th, my birthday. October 21st, my brother's birthday. October 31st, Halloween. And my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, November 25th. Fall is full of some of my favorite flavors too. The occasional pumpkin spice drink, pumpkin pie and everything else on the table for Thanksgiving. Warm comfort foods like chili and goulash.

So if you long for more hot summer days, good for you. Might I suggest the state of Arizona. I hear it's plenty hot down there. I'll be right here, sipping some apple cider in a flannel shirt, enjoying the best season on God's green earth.

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