Surprisingly, a new survey found that 68% of women have broken up with a guy because they didn't like his cologne or aftershave. Um... what?

I know, I'm a little confused, too. You would think that if you didn't like a man's cologne or aftershave, you would just let him know! Maybe he would change it, maybe he has other scents... who knows! Is it really worth dumping him?! I mean, at  least he doesn't smell like a trash can.

The survey also states that 52% of these women have dumped the guy after the FIRST DATE. I feel like this is an episode of Seinfeld.

Additionally, the survey says that 54% of men don't like their woman's perfume. It doesn't reveal whether or not men are so quick to break it off, though.

I guess I never really knew how important smell is!

[Via Female First]

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