We've all had the pleasantness of drunk McDonald's, but we should all be responsible enough to know when we shouldn't drive there.

Police in Blair County, Pennsylvania say they were called to a McDonald's drive-thru around 10:30 pm because of a woman who kept pulling around the drive-thru and ordering. She had forgotten she'd just been through each time.

Officers arrived to find the woman's car unoccupied.

Shortly after, Skyler Perrin (29), returned to the car with two small children. Police followed her out of the parking lot to a red light, where they noted she had a brake light out and failed to use her turn signal.

Skyler explained to the officer that she had gone through the drive-thru twice. After the first time, her child had decided on wanting a burger, so she pulled through again.

Police noted signs of intoxication, so they conducted a field sobriety test, in which Skyler told officers she's prescribed methadone, which she had taken earlier that morning.

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She was taken to UPMC Altoona where she had her blood tested, which confirmed the presence of methadone.

Skyler's been charged with one felony count of endangering the welfare of children, three minor counts of DUI, and other charges relating to her taillight and failure to signal.

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