Happy National Cat Day 2019!

October 29th is also known as National Cat Day, not to be confused with International Cat Day, which was celebrated back in August. We're always looking for fun ways to show off our furry friends, so we have NO problem giving cats a little extra love today!

According to a survey from National Today, 46% of cat owners tell their cats, "I love you," while 25% go as far as to say that their cat is their best friend! Additionally, 14.2% of people say they are a cat person compared to 45.8% who say they're a dog person. I agree with 34.9% of people who say they like both animals equally, though. I just wish I wasn't allergic to kitties...

In honor of today's holiday, we asked you, the listeners, to tell us about your cats, but in kind of a weird way. Imagine that your cat has an online dating profile. What would their photo be? What are their likes and dislikes? The possibilities are endless! Here is an example from KHAK's Brain:


"My name is Cora and I'm a 2 year old house cat that loves the easy life! I used to live outside, but now I enjoy warm blankets, cuddling and never ending bowls of food! I don't mind other cats and I'll just say I'm dog tolerant. Hit me up if you want a laid back kitty who isn't afraid to lie on her back on the living room floor."

Here are some of our favorite responses from listeners:

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