When they got the initial reports of a kangaroo roving about the town of Grand Chute, the police department...wait for it...hopped to it (sorry).<

The Grand Chute Police Department said a caller reported spotting a kangaroo hopping across the walking bridge over Interstate 41 about 7 a.m. Monday.

Grand Chute Community Resource Officer Travis Waas said the 'roo was reported heading east from Fox Cities Stadium.

"Officers wandered the bush and thicket looking for signs of the joey, but were unsuccessful. It would appear that the kangaroo had... Wait for it. Hopped along," police tweeted.

Waas said police will consult with local zoos in an attempt to identify the animal's owner if it turns up again.

With the tongue-in-cheek attitude of the Grand Chute Police Department, it's no wonder that Wisconsin residents had some fun with this story:


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